AuraData Services

For Businesses

Fraudulent claims concerning education verification are becoming increasingly common. With privacy legislations and frequently evolving technology to account for, the authentication process can be complicated and lengthy. By decreasing the points of contact, AURADATA eliminates the potential for fraudulent claims and ensures your hiring process is quick, cost effective, secure and seamless from start to finish.

For Institution

With a unique set of rules, regulations and standards, every institution handles their education verification differently. With an aim to streamline your existing process, AURADATA's authentication method not only ensures your employees can focus on other initiatives, but it also enables your graduates to take the next big step in their career.

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For Students?

At AURADATA, we strive to ensure the education verification process for both businesses and institutions is seamless and secure. While we do require student consent for each and every verification completed, we are unable to confirm or provide educational records to graduates or their families. Graduates are encouraged to reach out to their school directly for documentation supporting their education. AURADATA does not print and/or send transcripts, diplomas or letters verifying education.