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In order to help our clients, AuraData has revised its policies and processes for consent forms. We now accept typed signatures that meet our requirements listed below. AuraData has also implemented a way to gain consent for education verifications directly with the system.

If you are unable to attain a signature that meets either the typed signature requirements or a physical signature, please log into your account. On your client dashboard you will find a URL that you can use.


Send the URL listed there to the applicant along with the Tracking ID number of their search and their last name. This will allow them to sign a consent online that will be automatically uploaded and attached to their search.

If you wish to use your own form with a typed signature, we will require the following supporting information on the consent form near the typed signature on the signature page:

  • Date that the electronic data was signed
  • An eSignature that is unique and distinctive
  • Clearly typed name

We will also be requiring each client to sign off on the traceability of the typed consent upon submission of the search on our system.

We want to reiterate that each school we work with still will reserve the rights to deny any consent form that they deem unsuitable.  

If you have any further questions please contact us at service@auradata.com

Welcome to AURADATA!  We are Canada’s premier education verification service.

AURADATA is an information repository for employers and institutions to confirm the education claims or professional designations of an individual that has graduated at any Canadian University, College and/or Professional Association.  This system is not for individuals to confirm their own graduation.

If you are new to AURADATA, there are several things you should know:

Federal and Provincial legislations in Canada require permission to research any information identifiable to an individual and the best proof of authorization is a signed release.  AURADATA requires signed authorization by the subject before releasing any information. 

Signed authorizations can be scanned as a PDF and uploaded, scanned as a PDF and emailed or faxed to the system. If you use your own authorization form, our cover page must be sent as the first page and either uploaded, emailed or faxed.  In all cases the AURADATA cover page or authorization form must be the first page and they must be sent individually.

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For further information, check the “FAQ” page or contact us directly.

Thank you for using AURADATA.