Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I verify a degree in Canada?

AuraData is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to verify education and professional designations online and all in one place.

We work with all of Canada's accredited post secondary educational Institutions to help your business make sure the right applicants are getting hired!

Our system is online 24/7 and we strive to make sure that education claims are trustworthy. 

What is e-consent and how do I use it?

E-consent gives you the ability to send AuraData’s consent form via email to your applicant.


They will then be able to sign and submit the form eliminating paper waste and speeding up the verification process.


To use the e-consent option, simply create a new search and after the billing process is completed send the e-consent link (located in the guide section of your portal) to the applicant along with their tracking ID number. 


The applicant will then input the tracking ID number and their last name. They will be brought to the AuraData consent form. They can use their mouse, a touch screen, their phone or ipad to sign. 


The consent will then be linked to the search and be put into process!

How do I contact AuraData?

You can contact us many different ways!

By Email: 
By Phone: 416-406-0444 (local and international)
By Phone (toll-free): 877-580-2872


For more information, please visit our Contact Us page.


What does AuraData do?

AuraData is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to verify education and professional designations online and all in one place.

We work with all of Canada's accredited post secondary educational Institutions to help your business make sure the right applicants are getting hired!

Our system is online 24/7 and we strive to make sure that education claims are trustworthy.

How do I sign up?

It's easy!

Just visit our “Sign Up” link on the top right of the home page.

You will then be able to select between an Ad Hoc User and a Subscriber. 

Ad Hoc users are for those who are only looking at doing a few searches on AuraData, whereas bulk users should sign up as Subscribers. 

Don't forget to read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy!

How accurate is AuraData?

We meticulously maintain our databases with partner Institutions to ensure a high degree of accuracy.  We strive to provide the most up to date and precise records available. 

It is very important that the information we receive from your subject is exactly as it appears on their student records.

Please provide all alternative names such as maiden names, hyphenated names and short form names.

If you sense your result isn't correct, we invite you to use our dispute feature. To start a dispute please see our process guide video on disputes, located in the guide section once you log into your portal. 

How do I share my access to AuraData?

AuraData values your individuality! Each person in your company can have their own account. 

There are multi-tiered accounts available too. A company can have up to two administrators who can manage users/billing and as many users who process verifications as they want. 

To find out how to add users, please see the 'Manage Users' process guide provided in the guide section of your online portal! 


Is there a maximum amount of verifications I can make at one time?

There is no limit to verifications, you can submit as many as you would like!

Just know that if verification times vary per school - so you might not recieve the responses at the same time. 

Also, if you are a bulk user, feel free to contact us, we have an API that we've made available to cut down on data input times. 

What if I no longer need access to AuraData?

Please contact us!

AuraData is here to help you in accordance to your needs. 

What does it cost?

This depends on the type of account that you have.

If you are an Ad Hoc user, then you will pay an admin fee plus any schools fees if applicable (see below). 

If you are a Subscriber, you will recieve a 15% discount on the admin fee but will need to add credits in $100 minimum increments. Subscribers are also suject to any school fees if applicable (see below).

Occasionally the Institutions we deal with charge an extra fee on top of the AuraData admin fee. Once you create an account, you can search the fees of each school. There is a tab in the menu labeled "Seach Fees" that will help you find the costs associated with each school.

What should be in the consent form?

AuraData has provided blank consents (in both English and French) as well as an e-consent option (located in the guide section of your portal) for your convenience, however we welcome you to use your own consent as well. 

There are just a few rules that AuraData must follow when it comes to consent forms (PIPEDA, GDPR, internal institutional requirements), but to make it easier for our clients we have come up with a some guidelines to follow. 

Please make sure that the consent provided has: 

- an appropriate signature (with the name printed if it has a physical signature)
- date within the last 6 months
- mentions the act the consent is being issued for (education verification, degree verification, academic credential check)
- is legible and complete 
- is 3 pages or less
- for the same individual as is being searched, if there is an alternative name please specify

Please note that Institutions can have specific internal requirements for consent forms that are outside AuraData's control. In these situations AuraData has worked to provide you the conditions set by the Institution upon selection and then again upon upload of the consent. 

Also, AuraData will not correct your search results if they vary from the information on the consent form. It is the responsibility of our users to input the correct information needed for the search (including but not limited to correct spelling of names and date of birth). If the AuraData team and/or Post secondarty institution sees that the name on the consent does not match the name (or alternative names) on the search, then we will reject your consent. 

What do I need to use AuraData?

In order to use the AuraData system, you must first sign up for an account.

Once you've done that you only need 5 things: 

- the applicants name as it was when they graduated
- the applicants date of birth
- a proper consent form 
- the school they attended 
- payment

How long will my search take?

This depends, there are many things that impact the time a verification will take. 

AuraData strives to have a response time of 3-5 days but often times things such as strike, holidays, convocation or the beginning of a new term will effect our turn around times. 

Your patience is appreciated! 

What if I can't upload an authorization right away?

You can still input your search! AuraData just can't process it until we recieve signed consent. 

AuraData will hold the search open or pending for 6 days. It is cancelled on the 7th and payment or credit is returned to the user. 

Why wasn't the information I'm looking for found?

There are several reasons AuraData might return a File not Found.

  • The individual might not have graduated 
  • They may have completed the courses but not applied for convocation which means that there will not be a graduation record
  • The information supplied by the subject does not match the data used at the institute and therefore a file will not be found. The input must be exactly as it is recorded at the institution.
  • The AuraData system may not have the record from the Institution because the individual has not met all of their obligations
  • The Institution will not release the data until an issue is resolved by the subject  (for example, a financial obligation)
  • The individual may have opted out of or restricted access to their information.

If you think that a No File Found was returned in error, please follow our dispute process (video provided in the guide section of your portal). You will need a piece of government ID and a copy of the parchment in question (degree, diploma, certificate). 

Using AuraData

What is a dispute?

AuraData has provided the dispute function for our clients convenience and increased security.


Occasionally, an unexpected or incomplete result is returned.


These are some common reasons: 

  • major/minor/specialization is different or missing
  • honours/distinction seems to be missing
  • a graduate degree was returned but not the undergraduate 
  • No File Found result was given but the applicant insists they did graduate. 

In these cases, we ask our clients to follow the dispute process (video guide found in your portal under the 'guide' section of the menu). To do this, you will need to provide a piece of government issued ID and a copy of the applicants diploma, degree or certification in question.


Please note that you are only able to dispute a verification once. Also, if anything other then the requested documents are provided, your dispute will be cancelled and you must input a new search if you wish for AuraData to follow up on the results.