General Questions:
- How do I contact you?
- What does AuraData do?
- How do I sign up?
- How accurate is AuraData?
- How do I share my access to AuraData?
- What is the maximum amount of inquiries I can make at one time?
- What if I no longer need access to AuraData and want to be removed as a subscriber?
- What does it cost?
- Why do we reject some consent forms?

Security Questions:
- Is AuraData a secure environment?
- What can I do to help make sure no one gains unauthorized access?
- Does AuraData meet the Privacy Regulations?

Using AuraData:
- What do I need to use AuraData?
- How do I change my subscriber details?
- How long will my search take?
- Do I have to back up my data, or is someone else doing it for me?
- Check the information?
- What if I can't upload an authorization right away?
- Why can the system not find the information I'm looking for?
- How do we correct a bad record?
- What's the best way to deliver the signed authorization to AuraData?
- Can we use our own Authorization Form?
- Why do we need signed authorization?
- Where does the authorization go?

- How do I pay for an AuraData search?
- How do I change my billing information?

General Answers

1. How do I contact you? See our Contact Us page!

2. What does AuraData do? We provide education and professional designation verification online 24/7 for all of Canada's post secondary educational Institutions. See our Services page.

3. How do I sign up? It's easy. Just visit our “New Accounts” link on the home page and follow the directions. Don't forget to read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You will be held legally responsible and asked to electronically sign your agreement. You may be audited at a future date for compliance. AuraData will check the submitted authorizations from time to time.

4. How accurate is AuraData? We are as accurate as the information that is provided to us by the Institutions. It is very important that the information we receive from your subject is exactly as it appears on their student records.  Examples:  maiden names, hyphenated names, short form names.  We strive to be as accurate as possible and work with the Institutions to ensure the databases are as up to date as possible.

5. How do I share my access to AuraData? You can't and you shouldn't. To meet the requirements of the Privacy Laws, each information request is tracked to the individual subscriber making the request and the subject of the request. The subscriber agreement does not allow for sharing of any kind and the subscriber is personally responsible for their actions. You sign this agreement when you become a subscriber and again for each search making you personally responsible.

6. What is the maximum number of inquiries I can make at one time? The number of searches is limited to ten (10) per name, the minimum is one. You will only be required to submit one (1) signed authorization for all searches pertaining to one individual.  If making more than one enquiry, the information may not be returned all at the same time.  Numerous variables impact the return time such as whether it is an automated search or manual or if the year of graduation predates the database.  Different Institutions may require more time due to work load or holiday schedules.

7. What if I no longer need access to AuraData? You must contact us.  However, your data, the enquiry data and the signed authorizations are maintained for a period of seven (7) years to meet all the party’s legal obligations.

8. What does it cost? There are two (2) types of accounts; you can choose between being a “Subscriber”, which is a volume user and requires the purchase of a minimum of $100.00 worth of searches plus tax (if applicable) or an “Ad Hoc” user Paying per search plus tax (if applicable) for occasional or onetime searches.

9. Why do we reject some consent forms? Most likely it's either because it's not signed OR the consent form does not contain a reference to Education Verification / Degree Verification. It must be clear on the form that the consent is given for this purpose OR the form itself is eligible.

*UPDATE: Sherbrooke will only accept WET signatures. They will reject any typed, copy/pasted or electronic signature*

Security Answers

1. Is AuraData a secure environment? Extremely! AuraData systems are encrypted to 256-bit. We take every precaution to protect the information on our systems from both external and internal corruption.

2. What can I do to help make sure no one gains unauthorized access? Keep your subscriber ID, user ID and password private. Treat these IDs and password like your bank card PIN. AuraData will occasionally prompt you to change your password to ensure it is kept updated.

3. Does AuraData meet the Privacy Regulations? This is one of AuraData's strengths. See our Privacy Policy.  If you require further information, contact us and we can address your specific concern.

Using AuraData Answers

1. What do I need to use AuraData? You need to subscribe using the online system, read and then electronically sign the Subscriber Agreement.  Follow the instructions on the system which have been specifically designed to be user-friendly.  Obtain signed authorization from the subject either on our form or yours as long as it meets the legal and privacy requirements and specifically indicates that you are performing an education check.  You then upload or email the signed authorization form to our system. The final requirement is a valid major credit card.

2. How do I change my subscriber details? Just logon and go to the “Update Subscriber” page of the system and follow the instructions.

3. How long will my search take? If the Institution has signed an agreement with AuraData and we have the database, the information will be available as soon as you complete the information and email or upload the authorization.
If the information is prior to the database, a manual investigation is requested and may take a day.
If the institution is not an agreement signatory and supplier, the information may take between one hour and 2 days depending on the Institution. You will have a response within three days from most Institutions; however, some can take up to five (5) days as we are relying on them to provide the information manually.  We suggest that you sign up for the email notification services and AuraData will automatically notify you when the search is complete.

4. Do I have to back up my data, or is someone else doing it for me? You don't have to backup the data; we do it for you. As long as you are a Subscriber, you can see all of the information including a PDF of the signed authorization for a period of seven (7) years in the searchable Subscriber Transaction History.

5. What do you mean check the information? The biggest issue facing search precision is inaccurate information. We suggest that you ask to see an official document, i.e. driver's license, passport, certificate or transcript to confirm the name used while at the Institution.  Don’t forget to ask about alternative or maiden names. Date of birth is used for identification purposes only to confirm that we have the right person.

6. What if I can't upload an authorization right away? AuraData will hold the search open or pending for 7 days. The final notification will be sent out on the 7th day and a consent must be received within 24 hours of this final notification.  That means you can enter the search information and upload the authorization up to 8 days later from anywhere in the world. If upload is not available, you can scan the authorization or the cover page and forward as a PDF by email. The information will be available on AuraData once the authorization form is received and the research completed. You will be notified by email if you have checked this option that the data is available.

7. Why can the system not find the information I'm looking for?

There are several reasons;

  • The individual did not graduate from the Institution;
  • A subject may have completed the courses but not applied for convocation which means that there will not be a graduation record on the system; 
  • The information supplied by the subject does not match the data used at the institute and therefore a file will not be found.   The input must be exactly as it is recorded at the institution;
  • The AuraData system may not have the record from the Institution because the individual has not met all of their obligations and, therefore, there is no graduation record and the Institution will not release the data until this issue is resolved by the subject – eg. a financial obligation; or
  • The individual may have opted out of or restricted access to their information.

8. How do we correct a bad record? Since AuraData's data is a reflection of the institution’s records, the individual must contact the Institution to clarify or correct the situation -  it cannot be done through us. The subject can request a transcript to be sent directly to a requester.  It is important that the record be sent directly and not through the subject as there is the possibility of it being altered.  AuraData's records will be updated automatically during the next information transfer from the Institution once this is completed by the individual.

10. What's the best way to deliver the signed authorization to AuraData? The best way is to use our form, have it signed, scan it and upload it directly to the AuraData system.  The second best option would be to email it, and third would be to fax it.

11. Can we use our own Authorization Form? You can use your own Authorization Form provided it meets the following criteria:

·         The authorization indicates specifically that the individual grants permission to check their graduation, education, degree/diploma or similar wording;

·         The authorization has the applicants name clearly printed;

·         Date of the signature, within 6 months of submission;

·         The consent form is less than 3 pages;

·         The consent uploaded is clear and legible.


If your consent form has a typed font signature, we will require the supporting information on the consent form near the typed signature on the signature page.


  • Date that the electronic data was signed;
  • An eSignature that is unique and distinctive


You will also be requested to sign off on the traceability and protection of the typed consent upon submission of the search on our system.


If you are unable to attain a signature that meets either the typed signature requirements or a physical signature, please log into your account. On your client dashboard you will find a URL that you can use. Send the URL listed there to the applicant along with the Tracking ID number of their search and their last name. This will allow them to sign a consent online that will be automatically uploaded and attached to their search.


We would be happy to look at your Authorization Form and let you know if meets the requirements. Just contact us.

12. Why do we need signed authorization? Bill C6 AKA PIPEDA or The Personal Information Privacy Electronic Documents Act says "Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual" and, therefore, such signed authorization is required to release any data of this nature. There are also numerous Provincial Legislations that address this issue in much the same manner.  This protects all parties involved in the process and is a best hiring practice.

13. Where does the Authorization go? The authorization, whether uploaded, emailed or faxed, is transmitted to the AuraData servers where it is matched to the information requested and stored with the requested information as a file (PDF). All the signed authorization information is transferred into a database that is searchable by the Subscriber, the Institution and AuraData's Customer Support team. The data is maintained on the system for seven (7) years to meet the regulatory and audit requirements.


Billing Answers

1. How do I get billed for an AuraData? AuraData accepts Visa and Master Card credit cards on a secure system in Canadian and US Dollars.

2. How do I change my billing information? Follow the directions in the Subscriber section.