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Welcome to AURADATA! We are Canada’s premier education verification service.

PLEASE NOTE THAT CONFIRMATION OF A DEGREE CONFERRAL FOR THOSE GRADUATING IN  2016 MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER CONVOCATION.  Please check with your candidates and their scheduled convocation dates prior to submitting 2016 diploma verifications.  


AURADATA is an information repository for employers and institutions to confirm the education claims or professional designations of an individual that has graduated at any Canadian University, College and/or Professional Association.  This system is not for individuals to confirm their own graduation.

If you are new to AURADATA, there are several things you should know:

Federal and Provincial legislations in Canada require permission to research any information identifiable to an individual and the best proof of authorization is a signed release.  AURADATA requires signed authorization by the subject before releasing any information. 

Signed authorizations can be scanned as a PDF and uploaded, scanned as a PDF and emailed or faxed to the system. If you use your own authorization form, our cover page must be sent as the first page and either uploaded, emailed or faxed.  In all cases the AURADATA cover page or authorization form must be the first page and they must be sent individually.

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For further information, check the “FAQ” page or contact us directly.

Thank you for using AURADATA.